by Fragola Sour

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Gabriel Barg: Drums
Jorge Michael: Bass
Allan Kanzler: Guitars
Luísa Kinas: Vox and Guitars


released February 3, 2013

Lyrics by Luísa Kinas



all rights reserved


Fragola Sour Jaraguá Do Sul, Brazil

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Track Name: Dry Tree
Dry Tree (Luísa Kinas)

There is a dry tree
On the top of the hill
It’s far from giving flowers
But it is standing still

And no one really minds
If the shadow’s getting thin
But still there lies the beauty
Of something that’s about to end

‘Cause my feelings are just like
The branches of dry tree
I got nothing left to lose
But a couple of dead leaves
So please don’t carry any hope on me
Track Name: Hell'n Air
Hell’n Air (Luísa Kinas)

Haunting eyes meant to drown you so deep
Sailor’s dead and the ship’s sinking too
Some lovers are like keys thrown in the sea
And that’s why I should stop searching on you

But won’t you come and swim into my coast?
I heard that types like you have got no sympathy
Word is that you even got no soul
Oh, silent creature, won’t you speak to me?

Oh, silent creature, won’t you speak to me?
Oh, can’t you see you hurt me to my knees?

I got mermaid in my mind

Is it fun to captivate your fools?
And use them to your purpose until death
I’m sure you’ll say that you didn’t mean to
But we both know you well enough for that